About Chris

My Story


I was born surrounded by good people, but not the people which would help you believe in your own potential and would inspire you to look for unlimited success.

I was told that only the poor are good, and we should stay working on a company many years in order to be considered a “stable” person.

I was told that our parents are always right…

Great things happened when I started to break those and many other limiting beliefs, because life started to have more sense and new opportunities started to show up.

Currently, I focus my career in helping people to turn them into the direction of their dreams and goals, and I do this by walking with them in the process to identify their limitations, obstacles and, by getting all those things cleared it is easier to start the right journey to success.

I´m happy to help others get a clear vision of their desired future.



Life Coach Certification  ||  Spiritual Life Coaching


Here I share some comments from people which I have been able to contribute

“Thanks to Chris I have been able to create my vision of the future I want, and now I´m working to achieve that future.”

Jair Melo

CEO Duracem Cement, Peru

“Christopher arrived at the right time, when I was psychologically depressed I felt that I would not reach any of my goals, at that moment I received very good advice, good ideas that would change those negative thoughts for positive ones and he also advised me to read, watch motivational films and read phrases that marked my day to day to be a better person…today I can say that I managed to overcome an illness and achieve my goals, mainly graduating as an Industrial Engineer, and continuing to maintain the habits to achieve the pending goals.”

Luis Perez

Industrial Engineer, Panamá

“Chris has been a friend of mine for years, and has been a great support during times of uncertainty, he is a very well recommended life coach”


Dentist, Panamá

What Can I Do For You?

Here I will explain you the results I can help you achieve in your life

1. Identify all the limiting beliefs which are preventing you from having a successful life

Since the moment we are born, we start receiving a lot of information from our environment, and until we are 7 years old, everything we have lived has helped to create our inner beliefs. Very often, many of those beliefs are not a positive influence and become limitations in life. 

What you belief and focus on is what you will attract”.

I will help you identify those thoughts, in order to replace them with brand new ones. 

[ This first step is part of our “Identify Your Strings”  free session, that we offer you today just by filling this form. Tell us about your concerns! ]

2. Create a new vision of your future

When you don´t know where you want to be in 3 or 5 years, then you need to create a vision based on the deepest desires of your heart. Sometime it´s a whole process to bring all those ideas together; I´m going to help you get that in order to establish a new plan.

3. Execute the plan towards mental clearance and life transformation

After identifying the limitations, and creating a new vision of the future that you want, we must start working on that transformation. The speed is up to you, my purpose is to be there, by your side, until you get a satisfactory results.

Wanna try?

We receive and read advice requests from many channels; we love to be in contact with our clients.

If you need help to get something that is important to you, but you don´t know how to get it, let us know. It is 100% free to book the first session, then we will see if we are what you really need. Fill the contact form please!