Do what really makes your life fulfilled

Ise is a friend of mine, she is always moving from a job to another just because she has no idea of what she really wants to do in life. I asked her “hey, why don´t you work on a position related to what you studied?”.

“No, because I don´t like that career,” she answered.

I couldn´t avoid feeling sorrow to her, because she spent 4 years studying something she did not even liked. How unhappy were those 4 years!

If you don´t like what you studied, is ok not to work on that. Is ok not to play a role that you don’t feel comfortable with.

Is ok to recap and decide to do something that really creates fulfillment in your life.

What is not right, is to waste your time just going from one place to another without destination. You better stop there and think about what would really make your life feel complete if you were doing it.

Life is to be enjoyed, to progress and learn through the realization of our mission.

By doing what you love, you are contributing to the world.

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