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Your vision is only yours

Have you ever felt that your goals are not always understood or accepted by the people around you? Even your family and friends, sometimes they do not support your desires to succeed.

You might experience loneliness, disappointment, regret and even you might feel that your inner energy just vanishes away.

Maybe you are wondering: am I wrong? Is it something silly my desire? am I not enough?

Definitively, people around us have a great power of influence, but as I said in my book “not everything that everybody does, is necessarily right“. I would add to that quote: “not everything that everybody thinks, is necessarily right“. You can´t start your journey to success, asking others for permission.

I love sharing experiences of my own life and the people around me. So I will tell you that my brother decided to be a tattoo professional artist even when people on our family were not agreed. They said “it is something that God doesn´t like” but for my brother it was just art…So, he decided to abandon college, and started his journey to become a great artist; he aimed is passion on his vision. The result, is that now he is a very famous tattoo professional.

So when people around you do not support you on your seek for success, sometimes the best you can do is to stop listening to them, and listen to your own inner voice. They don´t understand your vision because it was given to you.

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