6 thoughts on “Book Review- Break Your Strings”

  1. I enjoyed reading this book. Simple words that really come from the heart of the author. Will help you be aware of the power of your beliefs…

  2. I liked the book very much, I found out that I have been making those mistakes too…is important to change our ideas in order to succeed.

  3. I never thought that even the people that we love, sometimes affect our capacity to achieve our potential, though unintentionally, we must be aware. Thanks Chris for this wonderful book

  4. I had a great experience reading “Break Your Strings” it really help me a lot in my life. Now I can have more positive thoughts and finally change my life. So I definitely recommend this book.

  5. Break Your Strings is much more than a book. It is a reflection that leads us to identify the limiting strings that for many years have blocked our own growth; It is the tool to find our true essence and work on ourselves, ending with limiting beliefs imposed by others that prevent us from getting out of the box and see the world under our own eyes.

    Christopher Lee shares situations from his life that have given him the experience to break his ties, difficult moments that have taught him to see the world in a different way, outside the imposed structures and invites us to do a liberation process, transforming our beliefs with an abundance and gratitude approach.

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