Break Your Strings with the help of a life coach

 I enjoy helping people and friends to find their potential, by breaking the strings (limiting beliefs) that prevent them from finding a full success. I have the experience because I had to face the same challenges to live a life according to my dreams. 
Fear not! Doubt not!  All can change for you right now with a change of your thoughts.

Get in touch with us and let´s break those impediments which are blocking your way to success!

Sometimes all you need is someone to help you from another insight. Someone to help you identify your real obstacles, and someone who really cares...

What I Do

A life coach is someone who has lived and learned from life experiences, and has prepared himself in order to help others.

I Listen

I understand how important is to have someone to listen to your needs, your story, and your deepest concerns. First thing you will find on me, is someone ready to understand what you are dealing with, then I will help you get clear and we will find a solution together. 

I Coach

Every person in this world is unique, being aware of this, I will help you find the best course in order to change and transform your life.

You will not walk alone anymore, as long as you let me, I am  going to help you take the right route.

I Write.

I invite you to read my blog and my book (below), where you will find valuable content for your life.

Need clarity and support?

I love the opportunity to listen and help people. There is so much joy in making a life better than it was. First conversation is absolutely free, just let know about you and YOU decide if you want to keep talking.

Christophe J Lee- Life Coach
Sometimes we can´t find our mission in this life. Sometimes we don´t know where to go to get helped. Sometimes we want everything but seems like we don´t know how to start. For all these and more, exist life coaches. Let me help you. Let me tell you where to start !!! Because life does not have to be hard unless we believe so.


In 2020, I decided to share with the world everything has helped me break with past beliefs and thought limitations; thus I am sharing my first Book related to personal growth. In digital Version and Printed Version (Amazon).

My Story

I was born surrounded by good people, but not the people which would help you believe in your own potential and would inspire you to go after your dreams.

I was told that “only the poor people are good“, and we should stay working on a company many years in order to be  considered a “stable” person.

Great things happened to me when I started to break those and many other beliefs, because life began to have more sense and new opportunities started to show up  for me


Christopher has been a great guide, an incredible person who knows how to give useful advice to clear the mind and focus on solving problems…

-Oriel Pitti (Panama-Entrepreneur)

I learned to think more positively, to plan goals and to better manage what I currently own and what comes to me...

-Lenin Cortez (Nicaragua- Entrepreneur)